Monday, April 6, 2015

As the ward boundary issue seems to be ramping up...

Three years ago on this site, at very much this point on the calendar, I began yammering on about ward boundary review. (To see these posts, just search for 'ward boundary'. A good dozen should come up.)

After a petition for review was generated (yes, I didn't mince my words about this well-intentioned but ill-conceived effort), Council decided to kick the issue down the road. To the next administration. Which is now having to deal with it. 

Please find above a proposal for boundary re-drawing. It takes into consideration the population discrepancies that exist. As well as projections. 

We end up with the same number of wards. It's just that the boundaries have been moved a little. Or, in a couple of instances, a lot. 

Is it a perfect solution? Nope. I don't think that such a thing exists. However, it's a pragmatic approach to a prickly situation. It's a start

Which is more than what Council seems to be willing to make. 

(A reminder: The OMB guidelines demand that a review be done in our case, because of the aforementioned existing population discrepancies. I've dealt with it all within those articles that you can retrieve by way of that search I'd suggested.)

P.S. I apologize for the 'artwork'. I am clearly no Jelly Brother in the mapmaking sense. I am but a humble wordsmith.