Friday, March 9, 2012

Putting one's money where one's mouth is.

Here's an initial proposal for boundary re-drawing. 

Using my own legacy biases as a starting point, I've basically provided 'the Mountain' with another ward...while 'amalgamating' the current 14 & 15. (9.5 might need its southern boundary re-jigging further.) 

This addresses the unacceptable population ratio discrepancies as witnessed by 7, 8 and 14, one in which my arbitrary goal was an average ward population of 40,000. (No, perfection wasn't attained, but we're far closer to parity than we had been.)

I'm not presenting this as a ne plus ultra pitch, nor is it the 'be-all and end-all'. In fact, the most I'm hoping for is that it inspires some discussion. 

Because only through protracted, sustained and authentic discussion of issues such as this will this city develop the skill-set to be able to collectively deal with the issues that challenge us as Hamiltonians. 

M Adrian Brassington

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