Thursday, November 4, 2010

What are the limits to democracy? A few questions to ponder.

To what extent should any group of people in any particular place in Canada decide what happens in their backyard?

Why do we have people representing us at the various levels of government if not to execute the best decisions for the greater good of us all?

Is it possible for the average person to possess the scope, the perspective, the general understanding of sometimes nebulous contributing factors to be able to make decisions on all levels? (And if not, is there an identifiable level of general capability?)

What happens when people do not or cannot see -or comprehend- something, a concept, a strategic implication, how integral something is to a much, much larger plan, yet the ultimate truth is that this 'thing' is vital to their future welfare?

How would things unfold if almost everything was decided by plebiscite?

Is there an analogy to be made between 'the people getting their way' and a household of children running the show, constantly vetoing their parents?

Moreover, how would Hamilton look right now if a process had been in place over the past two decades where residents had been allowed more input into (read that as 'control of') the decision-making process?

Would the average person even want this kind of participation, given the 40% voter turnout rate for the election just past?

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