Friday, December 31, 2010

And now, amongst the surreal, something whimsical

As we've had the introduction of Aldershot as a possible Hamilton Ti-Cat stadium, and as I love to ponder 'alternative scenarios', I got to thinking about how differently this entire PanAm Games Stadium Site Selection Process might have unfolded on another timeline. So here's my contribution to giving us all some opportunities to generate some relief from the stress and strain from this continued fiasco. (I'm posing this question partially as a distraction, but partially to see how various adherents to various sites rework their thinking. Consider it a teeny-tiny test.)

Imagine if you will, that instead of Downtown Hamilton having been left to languish by its City Council stewards for a quarter-century, it had been maintained. Developed. In fact, it's thriving.

Ditto for West Harbour.

And the Aberdeen and Longwood area, too. (Everything underway now and more, was accomplished much earlier.)

So; here we are on this other timeline, looking at finding a site for the 2015 PanAm Games stadium (and for the Ti-Cats, too)...

...what do you feel are the best options for a location? (And why?)

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