Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Online Gem

I came across this today and felt compelled to post it, because it speaks to what I regularly find in Comments sections for articles. (I have edited the comment while retaining its thrust.)


When did it stop being okay to take a breath and wait until enough facts come to light to make an informed opinion?

A lot of the mess we're in currently in this world of ours is because so many let their ideology form their opinion, without regard to facts, even if the facts are currently insufficient or hazy. And then when the facts finally do come to enough light, most have the media has grown bored and moved on -- and, usually, left a wrecked life or two in its wake.

In public matters, light is ultimately so much more interesting and important than heat. Yet so little of the media is devoted to bringing things to light, and so much to swarming to the heat.

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