Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And on it goes.

CHML's Scott Thompson and I have been in correspondence of late about voter turnout, about his failed 'Turf The Incumbent' campaign, about my interest in increasing the relationship of engagement between residents and Councillors. I'd share some of the exchanges...but to be honest, they're rather embarrassing.

Today he's blogged about how disappointed he is about voter turnout. The blog entry is here. I invite you to go read it.

Here's a bit that sums up how differing our views are on the subject:

"It’s not about politics as much as it is about participation."

I say 'differing' because I don't believe that plain, old 'participation' should be the goal.

I believe that 'informed participation' should be the goal.

That 'a qualified opinion resulting in informed participation' should be what we aspire to.

Unfortunately, it seems that this notion is a little beyond Mr. Thompson's grasp.

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