Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Most egregiously inaccurate and misleading bit over the last week

In the 'no opportunity for commenting by anyone, even those who take Mr. Di Falco's stance as 'truth' category over at The Hamiltonian, this article featuring this text:

"The second water main break within 2 weeks on Fruitland Rd. - a road that continues to be punished by a high volume of transport truck and vehicle traffic, despite it being a residential road. Street protests continue as residents fight to have the road closed and made into a cul de sac, as was initially assured."

The funny aspects for me are threefold. One, that someone reading this would take what's presented there as accepted fact (it's not, and shouldn't be taken as such); two, that Mr. Di Falco has not mentioned what he was told by professionals about the so-called effects of the truck traffic on these breaks; and three, that those people who long for Mr. Di Falco to be mayor ("...The Hamiltonian should be commended for the opportunities it has given the residents of Hamilton. I also know that if Mr. DiFalco ran for Mayor our City would be lead by a GREAT MAN, and Hamilton would become the City it deserves to be.") really don't have a clue as to his capabilities, his tendencies, his predilections. Most of the energies that fuel this rah-rah, benign jingoism are actually the result of demonizing what's currently in front of them Council-wise...which itself is the result of unqualified opinions.



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