Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Talk about serendipity and synergy

This morning I began a further article on the 'relationship of engagement' theme within the arena of local governance that has dominated my thinking of late.

This afternoon, during an online discussion with Mayoral candidate Mahesh Butani, I was fortunate to be provided the link to Future Communities, a UK organization. Here's what they have to say at their site:

Creating new communities involves far more than building homes and roads. It is the residents of a community that bring a place to life and help it to gain its own particular identity. Successful new communities of the future will be designed, developed and managed collaboratively by a wide variety of practitioners and future and existing residents. Therefore all plans for new places need to include robust strategies for residents to participate in the development and the long-term stewardship of the community. This website discusses some of the issues involved in making this a reality.

I'm sure you can appreciate my reaction to what I discovered there, especially within the section 'Residents in Control: Governance, Engagement and Accountability'...featuring the following aspects of this 'ingredient' in their overall 'recipe':
  1. What Do We Mean By Governance, Engagement and Accountability?
  2. Why Is The Process Of Governance Important?
  3. Achieving Good Governance and Accountability
  4. Methods For Creating And Engaged Community
  5. Developing Leadership Potential
  6. Useful Links: Governance, Engagement and Accountability
I encourage any all all readers whose curiosity has been piqued since I began yammering on about this philosophical thrust to take a look at what they have to say.

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