Saturday, September 11, 2010

Regarding José Pablo Bustamante's actions...

Regarding this issue, there's some tasty back-and-forths going on over at 'The Hamiltonian'.

I invite you to take a look.

And seeing as we're on that subject, specifically that discussion:

Two points:

Firstly, regarding commenter Sage's "Let's face it, incumbents have a HUGE advantage. Generally, they do not have to do anything to get elected just as they did nothing all through their term. All is fair in love and war and politics. Challengers must pull out all the stops to get their message out, and to get noticed by a moribund press and electorate."

What a mess.

1) "Generally, they do not have to do anything to get elected just as they did nothing all through their term." If you seriously believe this...and if you have a substantial number of residents who are in agreement with you...then I truly worry about the state of affairs here in Hamilton. But let's break this down even further. You're suggesting that it's a breeze to get re-elected, even if your performance has been shite. Then this means one thing, and one thing only: the flaw in the system is the voting public. That they're apathetic, that they don't have any interest in local governance...and that they prefer to whine than actually resolve a seemingly deleterious situation. Additionally, the notion that 'they did nothing all through their term' reinforces this apparent truth; if you're representative of the general voting public and they're prepared to re-elect officials who have purportedly done nothing throughout their term, then who's the fool in this picture?

2) "All is fair in love and politics." Are you declaring this to be a truth...or are you merely bemoaning its apparent likelihood? If the former is the case...then you might want to consider putting your money where your mouth is and begin contributing to a rectification. (I'm going to assume that you're not currently investing your energies in this arena. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) If it's the latter, then I'll still direct you to my suggestion.

3) "Challengers must pull out all the stops to get their message out, and to get noticed by a moribund press and electorate." Hoo-boy. Or as I'm known to say, 'Holy fuckolee.' In the end, a moribund press doesn't matter one whit if you have an informed and engaged populace. Or, as Sy Syms has long said, 'An educated consumer is our best customer.' So forget about railing against MSM; why not concentrate on the only thing that actually matters in the end, the level of qualification of the average voter's opinion, and therefore the acuity of their actual vote.

Bottom-line: until people stop demonizing politicians, and instead start addressing the only factor that has any impact whatsoever in the equation...their own behaviour as citizen-voters...then nothing will ever change. And I don't think anyone wants that, right?

Secondly, it might be an interesting exercise to examine just what Mr. Bustamante's used to in terms of political environment. I'm not talking about his own activities...I'm talking about what has been inculcated in him regarding propriety and expected parameters of play. Take a look at where he lived his life up to becoming a Canadian citizen, and once you've done that, ask yourself just what kind of influences he would have had informing his development, framing his 'political arena perspective'. I'm just sayin'...


  1. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the way in which Pablo has chosen to ‘expose’ Maria Pearson for political wrong doings. I agree with Tom Robertson who commented on the Hamiltonian. I too would prefer that if he really feels compelled to bring forth this infraction, that rather than a grand stand on the steps of City Hall, Pablo should have been upfront to allow Maria to speak to the charges.
    More so, I would prefer to know that Pablo is focusing attention on the issues facing ward 10 and how he intends on dealing with these issues.
    During this year’s Stoney Creek Canada Flag Day Parade, it was reported that Pablo campaigned along side of Maria’s vehicle while the parade was in progress. It’s my understanding that he did not seek permission from the parade committee to commandeer this local event. (At least Larry and Dave sought permission from the Peach Festival organizers to set up tent. I don’t want to get into all that here as I have mixed emotions. I so much would like to see people informed and voting in this upcoming municipal election, as I would hope to see better voter turnout in all elections. At least at the Peach Festival people had the opportunity to avoid the booths if so desired. The opportunity to wave off a campaigner is not as easy in the case of a parade setting. Oops I guess I did get into it here. )
    I agree with one of the other opinions expressed on the Hamiltonian, in that Pablo seems to be following a US campaign style.
    I’d rather hear more about solutions for these issues that need attention in the ward rather than criticism ... mud- slinging and general distractions that take away from what the focus should be. I want to know that all the candidates are well versed on the concerns of the ward in which they are seeking election and that they are all aware of the issues facing the city as a whole and equally important, that they will commit to work together to make Hamilton a better place to live and work ... and ‘raise a child’, as I believe our elected officials face a greater challenge as this is such a large amalgamated city.

  2. Hi Valentina,

    My main dilemma at the beginning was to present the information or not and how I will do it. Some people in my campaign team agreed and some disagreed in the way how I presented it. But do not forget this fundamental fact: Maria Pearson violated the Municipal Elections Act and I can prove it in Court. Then, Who is the bad guy in the story?

    Regarding Canada Day Parade, yes, I did seek permission from the organizers. I asked if I can be in a spot in the parade and contribute. But this permission was denied. I believe that it was unfair that the incumbent can participate of the parade and I couldn't. I am a very fair person and if I become City Councillor I will invite all candidates, during the election year to stand with me together in the parade. At the end we are celebrating our flag day together. For me is a celebration of the Canadian values, including fairness, democracy and patriotism.

    Regarding if I am following a US type campaign. Well, I do not know. What I know is that my campaign is different and will be different. I consider myself a creative person and my imagination can fly sometimes. Have you ever see a transit system in the air? Please take a look to:

    I visited Wuppertal in Germany in 1992 and was amazed by a perfect transit system.

    And finally, regarding your last point, I do agree that the main issues should be resolved. Such as infrastructure, the quality of the air and water and maintain public consultations.

    I will be more than happy to open the doors of my home to you and to any other in our community who wants to discuss any issue. I believe in being responsible of our acts and actions.

    My cellphone number is (905) 746-1456 and I am at your disposition for any further inquire. I am an open minded person and I will listen actively to your concerns and suggestions.

    Yours very truly,

    Jose Pablo Bustamante

  3. José Pablo;

    Thanks for responding.

    However, I do have to point out that you seem to have a tendency to do something akin to the American habit of draping an issue in the flag...and therefore rendering discussion moot. There's a tenacious element to your personality that while admirable...clearly has the potential to migrate to 'rebellious' and 'dismissive'. In your response here, it can be found here:

    "I believe that it was unfair that the incumbent can participate of the parade and I couldn't."

    I'm going to be blunt here and say that this is NOT 'the Canadian way' of dealing with something that rankles. Indeed, it's more aligned with our neighbours to the south, whose beginnings were made possible out of dissent. If you're not aware of the fact that this was most certainly not the same for us...we were granted our 'independence' via an act of British Parliament...then it would behoove you to do a little more research...especially if you wish to be serving your fellow Canadians under the banner of 'good local governance the Canadian way'.

    Finally, two things.

    First, an oft-quoted line from 'The West Wing': 'Sometimes it's not enough to be right.'

    And secondly, I might suggest you look up the meaning of the word 'déclassé'.


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